New Report Proves Pelosi Guilty Of Hypocrisy And Deception

Nancy Pelosi is no doubt a charlatan and master manipulator, but her most recent comments on the COVID relief bill prove she has no limit to her hypocrisy and lack of integrity.

The Speaker of the House recently described the $600 dollar relief provided to Americans in the most recent bill as “significant.”

Pelosi has stalled, gamed, lied and stalled some more only to turn around and boast that the $600 amount is a good thing.

But remember earlier, when President Donald Trump’s tax cuts led to many Americans receiving bonuses, some for $1,000 or more? What did Pelosi call that amount?

I’ll remind you. She called it “crumbs.”

Now if my math serves me, a $1,000 bonus is almost double the amount of the latest proposed stimulus checks, yet Pelosi denigrated it then while praising the new relief figure.

This is politics at its most sickening and it must stop.

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