New Report Implicates Joe Biden – He’s GUILTY

The truth is out and there’s nothing President Joe Biden can do to stop America from seeing it.

According to Breitbart News, a new report reveals it is indeed Biden’s policies that are the “primary cause” of the surge of illegal immigrants at the nation’s southern border.

“Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) Director of Research Steven Camarota reviewed illegal immigration levels from years past and found, despite Biden’s claims, the current surge is not merely the ‘usual seasonal bump,'” noted the Breitbart report.

According to Camarota:

A far more reasonable interpretation of the data is that President Biden’s pronouncements and policies, including not returning unaccompanied children under Title 42 and releasing Central Americans within 72 hours of apprehension into the United States, as well as his stated desire to end most deportations and continued support for legalizing most illegal immigrants, is spurring larger numbers of families and children to enter illegally.

On its face, it would seem that the policies and statements by the new administration are being interpreted by prospective migrants to mean that if they are apprehended, they are more likely to be released. Or, if they enter successfully, they are less likely to be sent home than was the case under the prior administration. Some interviews with migrants indicate that this is the case.

This is an incredible revelation in light of Biden’s repeated attempts to deny the proof.

To read more about CIS and the evidence they have, click here.

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4 Responses

  1. It might sound crazy but it wouldn’t be surprising if “greedy joe” is cashing in on those drug cartels, and human traffickers. He might have dementia but it doesn’t obscure his love for money. We have a criminal in the white house; let’s not forget China and Ukraine shady money making endeavors. No wonder the Bible says; ” The LOVE of money is the ROOT of ALL EVIL.”

    1. You are probably right on that he has a deal with the drug cartels and human traffickers but are definitely right on the love of money. Remember what Jesus said about the rich man in Luke 12:16-21 who said he was going to tear down his barns and build greater barns and take his ease, and God said, “Thou fool this night thy soul shall be required of thee; then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?” So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.

  2. Nothing short of a treasonous compromise of national sovereignty that should be grounds for impeachment. So where is DOJ and Congress?
    21 States have already voiced an opinion, 50 states need to demand a stop to open borders.

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