Nancy Pelosi Is Caught Putting National Guard Back Into Parking Garages

The Democrats are continuing to show their disdain for the military by forcing the National Guardsmen serving at the Capitol to again take reprieve in nearby parking garages.

Why is it that nearly 3 weeks after the initial outrage, Nancy Pelosi is still having our National Guard troops take their breaks [and] sleeping in freezing cold garages?” Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Florida Republican, wrote in a Tuesday tweet.

And she had proof of her accusations. “These photos were taken last night,” Boebert said.

In a statement the next day, Boebert doubled down, telling Breitbart:

The disrespect that Speaker Pelosi has shown to our National Guard is sickening. With the background checks, running out of food, and making them rest in cold garages, Speaker Pelosi has continued to show total disrespect for our men and women in uniform.

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