Nancy Pelosi Exposed As Fraud By Mark Levin

Nancy Pelosi is a Constitutional huckster and fraud, according to Fox News Channel’s Mark Levin.

Levin explained that the Democrat Speaker of the House’s recent actions constitute a complete destruction of the intended “separation of powers.”

“Who is attacking the Constitution? Nancy Pelosi has just destroyed separation of powers by the use of the impeachment power this way, she has destroyed separation of powers,” said Levin.

He argued that it is the Democrats who are attacking fundamental principles of America, not Donald Trump:

There are several kinds of tyranny in this country, or in any country. We saw tyranny last Wednesday when there was armed individuals who attacked the Capitol building. I was sitting next to my wife Julie, I said to her, since when did Trump supporters have tear gas masks and helmets and are pulling hammers out of their backpacks?

That’s not Trump supporters. He had 50 rallies for the last three months. Nobody was dressed like that. So, you can smell something was wrong.

I went on my radio show and said, who are these people? We need to find out who they are. They were violent militia types, or military types. Who the hell knows who they were?

But now, hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters are painted with a brush. We’re supposed to now be re-indoctrinated according to MSNBC. We are supposed to lose our jobs. We are supposed to be on hit lists.

And now, we have repression by the left, by the Democrats. Their media, their social media, we can’t even communicate with each other in this country. They have us all tied up.

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