White House Talks About Moving GOP Convention If State Doesn’t Open Fully

President Trump doesn’t want a Republican National Convention in the state of North Carolina if it will still be dragging behind in lockdown rules. And he’s willing to push to have it moved to prove it.

But Trump isn’t the only one. Vice President Mike Pence is putting his foot down as well, saying the convention would go somewhere else if necessary.

“These national conventions literally take many months to organize and prepare, and you know, there are states around the country — we think of Texas, we think of Florida, Georgia, the last two states I visited last week that have made tremendous progress on reopening their communities and reopening their economies, and I think the president is absolutely intent on ensuring that as we see our nation continue to make steady progress on putting the coronavirus epidemic in the past, that come this August, we’ll be able to come together in a safe and responsible venue and renominate President Donald trump for four more years,” Pence stated in an interview on Fox News.

Pence downplayed any perceived hostility and said the president is simply trying to make “a reasonable request” of Gov. Roy Cooper of North Carolina.

What you’re hearing the president say today is just a very reasonable request of the governor of North Carolina,” Pence said. “We all want to be in Charlotte. We love North Carolina, but having a sense now is absolutely essential because of the immense preparations that are involved, and we look forward to working with Governor Cooper, getting a swift response, and if needs be … moving the national convention to a state that is [further] along on reopening and can say with confidence that we can gather there.”

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