Electoral College Objectors Claim Momentum Is Growing

The last great hope for a Donald Trump presidential victory lies in the objections by lawmakers in Congress to the Electoral College process.

The good news for Trump is that the group of objectors is reportedly increasing.

Rep. Barry Moore, an Alabama Republican and supporter of the GOP-led electoral challenge, said Tuesday that “momentum is building. It is a pivotal time in our nation, and we need to stand for election integrity above all things,” he added, according to Breitbart.

Moore also said the act of objecting is not futile:

The Democrats did the same thing in 2004, and then 2016, as well. In 2016, it really was just an exercise in futility where you have one House member and one Senator contest the electorate. But in this case, it is one of what we think is obvious fraud across a number of states — Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, just to name a few. And we have 75 million American voters who showed up and voted for President Trump. They expect us to stand and be their voice.

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