Michael Avenatti Too Poor To Afford A Lawyer

How the mighty have fallen.

According to a report from the Washington Examiner, Michael Avenatti has no money to pay his own lawyers for his upcoming criminal trial.

The once-cocky trial lawyer who claimed to have evidence against President Donald Trump from his adult-film-star client, Stormy Daniels, has now found himself in a humiliating position.

The admission of his lack of funds came from his current lawyers, who informed the court that Avenatti had run out funds before his trial.

“The bottom line is that Mr. Avenatti has run out of funds, and faces a complex trial lasting as long as six weeks,” Avenatti’s current lawyer, Dean Steward, wrote in a court filing, according to the Examiner. Steward argued that his client should be allowed to use taxpayer money to fund his defense.

I’m guessing Avenatti can’t bum a loan from Nike this time.

To read more about Avenatti’s trial woes, click here.

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