Media Makes Move To Stop Donald Trump From Being Heard

According to Breitbart’s John Nolte, the mainstream media has recently begun to “impose blackouts on President Donald Trump’s coronavirus briefings to the American public.”

In an article published Tuesday, Nolte describes how, on Monday evening, several news organizations prematurely ended their coverage of President Trump’s White House press briefing, cutting to other programming before it was over.

“Far-left outlets like the Washington Post, NBC News, the Atlantic, CNN, the Boston Globe, etc., want to put an end to broadcasting Trump’s briefings,” Nolte wrote. “The idea being to block Americans from hearing directly from their president so these massive media corporations can censor whatever the president says that they do not approve of.”

In support of this, Nolte quotes The Washington Post, which argued:

Radical change is necessary. The cable networks and other news organizations that are taking the president’s briefings as live feeds should stop doing so. Should they cover the news that’s produced in them? Of course. Thoroughly and relentlessly — with context and fact-checking built in to every step and every stage.

Then Nolte pointed out this quote from CNN’s Jake Tapper:

If the president is not capable of leading stably and effectually, he should, at least, for his own reputation, for the good of the country, stop making things worse and consider leaving the podium to others.

To read more about the excuses each outlet gave for the blackout, check out Nolte’s entire article here.

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