McConnell Announces Discovery Of Coronavirus Sabotage

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is not holding back when it comes to calling out the Democrats for their political games. He went so far as to claim they are sabotaging the newest coronavirus stimulus bill, as Fox News reports.

According to McConnell, the Democrats’ actions will hurt American citizens and only serve to advance their narrow political agenda.

“This is a more-than-fair, more-than-bipartisan framework for Democrats to engage with,” said McConnell. “The only reason I can see that Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic leader would sabotage negotiations is if, as some concluded when they killed police reform in June, they actually think bipartisan progress for the country would hurt their own political chances.”

And he’s not wrong. The Democrats see a political advantage in keeping the country lagging economically and forcing Trump into a lame duck status leading into November. Even though everyday Americans will suffer as a result, Democrats are willing to count that as collateral damage if they can ruin Trump and retake the White House.

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