Louisiana AG Makes Move Against Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

Jeff Landry, the attorney general of the state of Louisiana, is officially going after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for censorship.

“It seems you and your team at Facebook choose to censor or misuse your algorithms to downplay voices on one side of the issues while failing to do so on the other,” said Landry in a scathing letter to Zuckerberg. The letter continued:

Recently, Breitbart News and others live-streamed a group of licensed American doctors who were sharing their professional medical opinions regarding COVID-19. Apparently, Facebook made a choice to limit their voices.

Even though practicing medical professionals spoke at the event, Facebook still chose to censor the video.

Landry pointed out that Americans should be allowed to make their own decisions. “You can give access to all the information available on this pandemic. You can allow users to make decisions for themselves,” he concluded.

To read the letter, click here.

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