LIVE ON AIR: McEnany Blasts Jim Acosta For Misleading America

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany isn’t going to take any more of Jim Acosta’s shenanigans. CNN’s poster boy for anti-Trump propaganda and fake-news deception has messed with the wrong woman.

While on Fox News, McEnany was specifically taking issue with Acosta claiming he intentionally took her quote about school reopenings out of context and mislead his audience.

“It’s an admission that they can’t debate on the merits,” said McEnany to Jesse Watters. “This is the equivalent: If I was to say to you right now there is no universe in which Jim Acosta engages in fake news and you put up in your chyron ‘JIM ACOSTA ENGAGES IN FAKE NEWS,’ it would be the exact opposite of what I said and selective editing. But that’s exactly what Jim Acosta did. It was false and it was wrong, which is why he corrected his tweet.”

To read more about McEnany and her fiery comments against Acosta, click here.

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