Left Wing Media Attacks Trump’s Grandson Over Legos

The mainstream media has lost their ever-loving minds. But you already knew that. But this latest freakout is really beyond the pale.

A recent tweet showing President Donald Trump with a grandson describes how the grandson made a Lego version of the White House as a give for Trump. What a sweet moment with no political ramifications whatsoever.

But the media begin to salivate over the fact that Trump might be a human being with actual human relatives.

So they began “an investigation” in whether the Lego White House was really there. (It was.) They wanted to know if the 3-year-old grandson really made it and if he had help. Thank you mainstream media for getting to the bottom of this vital mystery.

Donald Trump Jr. called the left-wing media’s reaction “absolutely insane.”

To read more about the hysterical overreaction, click here.

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