LA Teachers Won’t Teach Children Unless Police Are Defunded

The Los Angeles Teachers Union refuses to go back to work until the police are defunded, as the Washington Examiner reports.

That’s how much they love your children.

Spare me the noble talk about their profession and “service” to the community. They have selfishly hijacked their classroom roles and made innocent kids the pawns in their ultra-liberal political game.

The union has refused to go back to work unless a list of reforms are made. The list includes defunding the police and the provision of more COVID preparation funding.

The political exploitation of young students is unforgivable. Each person is entitled to their own opinion and philosophies, but when those opinions are used like blackmail with the future of younger generations being the cost, those people lose their credibility.

They should lose much more than that.

To read more about the teachers in Los Angeles, click here.

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