A Grandmother Is Dead And The Accused Killer Is a 6-Time Deportee

Juan Sanchez is accused of vehicular homicide and fleeing the scene of a Denver, Colorado accident that killed Annette Conquering Bear, a 51-year-old grandmother.

The death of an innocent grandmother is tragic. But the facts behind the man accused of killing her will make your blood boil.

Sanchez was in the United States illegally and had been previously deported six times. “Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials revealed [Sanchez] was deported from the U.S. twice in 2002, three times in 2008, and in 2012,” according to Breitbart News. “Sometime after his last deportation, he illegally re-entered the U.S. for the seventh time.”

This is the sickening reality: While the Democrats are loudly fighting for open borders and undercut any discussion aimed at reasonable immigration reform with screaming allegations of racism and bigotry, they are silent while the family of Conquering Bear is morning her death.

The left virtue signals as they pander to their radical base. They decry the “evils” of ICE and immigration enforcement, yet offer zero intelligent solutions to the crisis at the border.

Illegal immigration is the front-lines in the battle for the soul of America. Don’t let the left tell you immigration reform is about racism and bigotry. Legal immigration is excellent and one of the strongest signs of a free and healthy society. But reckless and broken border policies are destroying the very thing that made our nation great.

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