BREAKING: Kamala Harris Has Quit – She’s Not Going To…

When it comes to being a responsible political leader during a national crisis, Kamala Harris has given up.

“Vice President Kamala Harris avoided visiting the southern border and holding a press conference on the crisis for 44 days since assuming the role of border point person from President Joe Biden,” reports Breitbart News.

It’s clear she would rather do nothing than actually do her job.

“When Harris was asked on April 14 whether she would inspect the border crisis, she said it was [Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas’ job,” noted Breitbart.

Via the report:

A virtual meeting between Harris and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is scheduled for Friday to discuss “immigration,” but Breitbart News reported that would not be the main focus of the discussion.

Instead, she will hold talks about planting trees.

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10 Responses

  1. I hope all the 78,000,000 Citizens who voted for her are cackeling along with her as she helps destroy the country that gave her this opportunity.

  2. Commie Harris is a lazy politician. She wants the high pay and all she can steal, all awhile going to Mexico to discuss planting trees, not the illegal border jumping at the border. Who the hell elected this nitwit.

  3. I say it’s time the Congress stands up and has some backbone that’s if there are any true Americans in congress! Let’s impeach them both and then next in line is Obama who has one mission to destroy this country! Drain the swamp and save the country!

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  5. Simply put, she is not very bright. She cannot speak off the top of her head about anything. If she is not spouting prepared comments or speeches, she is basically incoherent and starts her silly giggling. Just another example of democrats choosing a candidate because she filled 2 boxes: woman “chk”, mixed race or black “chk”. She is in no way qualified to be Vice President, or heaven forbid, President, and yet, it’s going to happen. And when it does, it will lead to the final and complete destruction of our constitutional republic. We were a great nation less than 100 years ago when we won a World War, but we are nothing but a corrupt empty shell of that nation now. How terribly, terribly sad.

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