Kamala Harris Is OUT – Nation Stunned

In the days since President Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as the person to lead the nation’s response to a recent surge in migration at the southern border, the vice president has completely avoided speaking with the press.

Her absence has not gone unnoticed.

“Since the beginning of the administration and a week after Biden’s announcement, Harris has fielded questions from the media but has yet to hold a formal news conference,” Fox News reports. “Meanwhile, the border crisis captivated the nation’s attention and raised a series of concerns about national security and the stability of the U.S. immigration system as a whole.”

Harris and her spokesperson have even reportedly pushed back against Biden’s directive, claiming she will be focusing on diplomatic efforts rather than real solutions.

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4 Responses

  1. Kamala Harris does not have the ability to be in government in any position. She used the only talent she has to get to the spot she holds. God help this country survive Biden/Harris. I can see that buyers remorse is all ready taking hold in the Democrats camp. Too bad the failings of Biden/Harris weren’t taken into account before they were trenched in for four years. It is a sad situation for our people. And getting worse by the day.

  2. eels up harris can’t answer any of the questions about the border problem because she only knows that they are letting the illegal aliens into the country to boost their voter base.

    Since all of the central american countries have said this problem is Biden’s fault and that they want their citizens back there is no excuse left for the sleazy liberals / democrats / progressives. So the answer is to run away and hide and hope the tide slows before you have to come out of hiding.

    you liberals / democrats / progressives committed voter fruad for this!! your stupid.

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