Judges Order Stunning Ballot Changes In Arizona And…

Recent bombshell rulings are going to be extremely problematic for already long-shot candidate Kanye West in his effort to win the White House.

West, a hip-hop mogul turned unlikely presidential hopeful, first announced his desire to run for the White House in July. Some have called it a fluke, some have called it narcissism, and some have called it a not-so-subtle attempt to pull votes from Joe Biden.

Whatever it is, recent rulings will make it that much harder for West to accomplish his goal.

“A judge has barred Kanye West from appearing on the Nov. 3 ballot in Arizona, concluding that a voter who challenged his candidacy had shown he would probably prevail and had established the possibility of an irreparable harm if the rapper’s name were to appear on the ballot,” Breitbart News reported Friday.

West has now been judicially removed from the ballot in Arizona and Virginia.

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