Journalist Who Falsely Claimed Trump Golfed on Thanksgiving is Fired

Every once in a while, a left-wing publication gets caught pushing “news” so irresponsible and so blatantly false that there are actual consequences to the people behind the article.

The other day, such an event occurred at Newsweek when the journalist behind the claim that President Donald Trump spent the holiday golfing was fired.

Trump didn’t spend Thanksgiving golfing; Trump had traveled halfway across the world to visit the American troops in Afghanistan.

The journalist in question, Jessica Kwong, attempted to make the false story better by explaining that she wrote it before confirming it would actually happen.

Trump’s response to the article was hilarious. He said, “I thought Newsweek went out of business?”


I generally try to be understandable, but when you’re creating original reporting and your entire job is being a correspondent covering Trump and his family, there are consequences when you try to save time and publish about a scandal before it even happens.

For example, you’ll probably get fired if you get the entire thing wrong. Especially if it’s about the President of the United States.

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