BREAKING: Joe Biden Receives Awful Diagnosis – He’s Not Doing Well…

Things have been looking pretty grim for President Joe Biden for some time now, and the latest diagnosis from Republican Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio reveals that the Biden administration just might not be able to recover.

Jordan relentlessly hammered Biden for his handling of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, inflation, and the Afghanistan withdrawal.

“In reaction to Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell saying that it was time to stop using the word ‘transitory’ to describe the rising inflation, Jordan said that nobody believes what the Biden administration says,” according to Breitbart News.

“He pointed to the administration claiming the border was secure, that there wouldn’t be a vaccine mandate and that the Afghanistan withdrawal was a success,” reports Breitbart News.

No one believes what the Biden administration says,” Jordan said. “I mean, they’ve told us that the border is secure. They told us they wouldn’t impose a vaccine mandate. They actually told us that the exit from Afghanistan was a success. So, no one believed them when they said this was transitory because we see — everyone knows that if you want to buy anything, it’s going to cost more. You want to buy a home, it’s going to cost more, if you want to rent an apartment, it’s going to cost more, to put food on the table, it costs more, to put gas in your car it costs more, for Christmas presents it costs more.”

“This is how bad the Biden economy is. So, no one believed what they said. What the Fed chairman said yesterday is, unfortunately, I think, the facts, and we are going to have to live with this for a while unless they quit the crazy spending, which they show no indication of wanting to do,” Jordan concluded.

To read this story about the frequent failures of the Biden administration, click here.

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