Joe Biden Offers To Answer Questions, Then Just Quits And Answers Nothing

Like a deadbeat parent who promises treats to their children then leaves them walking away empty-handed, Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden promised his followers a question-and-answer session.

There was just one huge problem:

He didn’t answer any questions.

“Joe Biden’s staff posted, ‘I’m answering your questions. Ask me anything!’ on his Instagram story 14 hours ago and they have yet to post any questions or answers,” Trump supporter Abigail Marone tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

According to Breitbart News, “Biden’s Instagram Story only displayed an image offering his followers the opportunity to ‘Swipe up to view the Believe in Better collection,’ so that they can purchase campaign merchandise, as well as a link to the recent interview Biden had with rapper Cardi B.”

Thanks for nothing, Pops.

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