Joe Biden Now Won’t Travel To Kenosha, Wisconsin

Although one would expect Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to follow President Donald Trump’s lead and visit the violence-ravaged community of Kenosha, Wisconsin, Biden’s campaign has confirmed that he will not be going.

According to Breitbart, Politico had reported:

Joe Biden is not expected to visit Kenosha on Monday, despite mounting pressure following Donald Trump’s announcement over the weekend that he planned to go there Tuesday. […]

The thinking, according to these people, is that Trump’s trip to Kenosha could backfire on him, given Biden’s continued messaging that the unrest in the city is an outgrowth of the president’s rhetoric that inflames racial tensions.

Basically, although a show of leadership would require Biden to visit Kenosha, he’s afraid to do so for fear of political repercussions. How brave.

Although the Democrat-led cities are refusing help from Trump, they continue to blame him for the violence. But where is Biden when they need him?

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