BREAKING: Joe Biden Loses It – White House Humiliated

President Joe Biden is losing it behind closed doors and the Democrats are scared that the news is getting out.

According to a Fox News story, Biden “lashed out at Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra over his department’s handling of migrant children — amid broader reported tensions between the White House and HHS.”

The report claims Biden’s yelling outburst was because Becerra “allegedly failed to have answers for questions about the agency’s ability to take care of migrant kids.”

Biden has been accused of mental gaffes, forgetting the number of his grandkids, forgetting to wear a mask or take it off, but the angry, out-of-control version of Biden is the one that the White House wants to keep under wraps.

The calm and controlled Biden is the only one that the media elites want America to see but this report is changing that.

To read more about Biden’s outburst, click here.

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  3. Joe Biden never had any thing to lose so this is a come on headline . The clown lost what ever sense and brains he may have had (and there wasn’t much to lose) years ago .
    As for the situation with migrant children at our southern border , Joe has only himself to blame . He created this situation and proceeded to make it worse . The fool has not the first clue as to what he should do about the border or anything else that is needed to run this country .

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