Joe Biden Hit With Brutal Report Of Past Scandal, Campaign Is Reeling

Breitbart News released a stunning report Saturday of the top six “most misleading claims” by Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden. And let me tell you, they are massive.

First, Biden falsely claimed he marched in the Civil Rights Movement in 1987. He didn’t. As Breitbart noted, his own advisers had to “gently remind him that he did not march with civil rights activists, but Biden kept telling the story anyway.”

Second, Biden falsely claimed he saved “millions of lives from Ebola.” Fact check: false as heck.

“We increased the budget of the CDC. We increased the NIH budget. We should — and our president today — and he’s wiped all that out. We did it. We stopped [Ebola],” Biden bragged previously, according to Breitbart. But again, the hard numbers from the CDC show this claim to be wildly inaccurate.

Third, Biden falsely claimed that he defeated ISIS. “Despite Biden’s claim, the Obama administration was inefficient at fighting the terror group,” Breitbart reported. “It was only in 2017, after President Donald Trump took office, that ISIS began to lose territory and fighters.”

To read the rest of the report on Biden’s deception, click here.

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