BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets SERVED – Lawsuit Shocks Nation

A stunning lawsuit was just announced against President Joe Biden.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, a Republican, sued the Biden administration Monday, alleging the administration’s Department of Agriculture discriminated against white farmers,” Breitbart News reported Wednesday.

Miller claims in this controversial lawsuit that the Agriculture Department under President Joe Biden’s leadership “excluded whites in their coronavirus relief package for farmers and ranchers, which he said violates the Constitution and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,” according to Breitbart.

These racial exclusions are patently unconstitutional, and the court should permanently enjoin their enforcement,” Miller says in his complaint.

The lawsuit alleges:

The Department of Agriculture interprets this phrase to include African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Alaskan natives, Asian-Americans, and Pacific Islanders but white farmers and ranchers are not included within the definition of “socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers,” making them ineligible for aid under these federal programs.

To read more about Miller’s lawsuit against the Biden administration, click here.

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16 Responses

  1. If this isn’t racism than racism isn’t real. Excluding someone due to their race is a no brainer. It is illegal PERIOD. Being of the white or Caucasian variety doesn’t make you the exception to the definition of racism.

  2. Our senile old pervert Biden thinks he and his diversity brain dead administration can do anything they want on discrimination to Americans because they stole the 2020 federal election from 75 million American citizens need to think again. If Judge John Roberts wasn’t so full of himself and not part of the swamp, and the SCOTUS was abiding by our Constitution like they should, perhaps America may have a chance in a court battle. It is truly sad that SCOTUS turn their back on our country by not upholding our Constitution and giving away our freedom to the communist democrats!

    1. You are right on n said the truth…the election was STOLEN n the swamp want to change our country n spit on our Constitution…all u stupid Dems who voted for Biden I hope ur happy when our taxes triple, gas prices go through the roof n u better get ready to work harden to hold onto a buck…I hope u all get what u deserve !!!!

  3. Guess if he says “racism” enough it will happen. This is definitely a push in that direction. The United States is not racist!! Stop trying to make it that way.

  4. The racism is all in D.C. by the Democratic party. Until they are either removed or voted out nothing will change. They are pushing racism as though the average American citizen has no common sense. I don’t care what color you are, red, yellow, black, white, pink, blue, or little green people from Mars. We are all equal in the eyes of God. The color of your skin does not matter, it’s what’s in your heart that counts. Color only makes life more interesting and beautiful!

  5. The only reason anyone in America should get more than another is if they paid more. I doubt very seriously that was the case in any of these racist transactions. In fact I would bet those lousy honky’s paid far more.

    1. Thanks for trying to right the dementia Joe’s racist policies. Two words for dementia Joe, first word starts with an “f” and second words starts with a “y”

  6. Two points here. First. If the Conservatives/Republicans were truly interested in reclaiming our country from the wackos running it, they would do so. Instead, they are too busy jumping back and forth over the proverbial “fence” to see where they can make the most money, for themselves, of course. Second. It is not the color of the skin that makes a person. It is what’s between the ears, ie, what’s inside the brain, that counts. You act like an idiot. You get treated as one. You shoot at a cop, you deserve what you get. You shoot at a homeowner, too, and you will get the same…black, white, or purple. Nothing about color at all…nothing.

  7. If and When you are in a Fox hole, and someone is shooting at you, You don’t even think of Skin color as they are in danger same as you and everyone looks out for each other.

  8. The ONLY people who are RACIST in this country are the numb-nut DEMOCRATS!!

    They are ROTTEN to their very core with eyes that have been blinded, and hardened hearts that have absolutely NO CHANCE for SALVATION!!

  9. Give All The Warrants You Want To This Version Of Joe Biden!! This Is Biden # 5 Or Maybe 6!! You Must Have Heard By Now, That joe Biden Was Executed At Guantanamo TWO MONTHS Ago!! The Video I Saw Of Him & His Wife, He Was Brain Dead!! Incoherent, Non Responsive, And Could Barely Move!!
    Check It Out On ( Host David Zublick About 6-7 Weeks Ago!!

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