It’s Obvious. Joe Biden Is Giving Up.

As the top elected official in America, President Joe Biden is supposed to be a leader in both action and word for the American people.

And it’s obvious he’s surrendering on both fronts.

“After more than 50 days in office, President Biden has yet to hold a solo news conference, separating him from over a dozen of his most recent predecessors,” reports Fox News. “Though the president delivered his first prime time address last week to speak about the country’s progress in defeating the coronavirus pandemic, the stretch of over seven weeks is the longest period a new president has gone without meeting with the media in the last 100 years.”

Why would a President not want to answer questions from the free press?

Is it that he has secrets? Is it that he’s incompetent? Is it that he knows the questions would be so unchallenging as to reveal the conspiracy between the mainstream media and the Democrat establishment?

I don’t honestly know the answer, but I know Biden is 55 days into just throwing in the towel.

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7 Responses

  1. I still think a lot of money could be made betting on how long before basement Bid=en will last before imploding that Princess Spread Eagle will take over>>> AND OH DON’T FORGET PELOSI WILL BE COME VP. AND NADLER OR SCHITT WILL GET HER SPOT.

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