BREAKING: It Finally Happened – Biden Resignation Shocker

The Republicans in the House of Representatives are making it official.

Per Fox News, “House Republicans pledged to hold the Biden administration accountable for the disastrous situation following the quick exit from Afghanistan as the Freedom Caucus formally demanded President Biden resign.”

The most stunning development is a bill put forth by Mike Gallagher. “Mike Gallagher’s bill does four simple things,” said House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, “What is the plan to bring Americans home safely? Not some, but every single American? What about the list of the weaponry that has been left behind, accounting for that?”

But then the hammer dropped:

Conservative Freedom Caucus has formally called for Biden, as well as Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, to resign in the face of an “overwhelming failure” of leadership.

“Mr. President, if you have an ounce of respect for your 50 years of service to this nation, and to move forward toward healing, to unite our nation, to get past this nightmare that you’ve created, then by God, man, resign,” said Rep. Clay Higgins.

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18 Responses

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  9. First – these free “ads” have to go – they’re lies !!! Second – resignation isn’t enough – lives have been given and still going on !!! Common sense doesn’t do anything for this administration – they’re a bunch of kids that don’t know what to do !!! They’ve brought people into the US that don’t belong – how many translators do they have ??? Get somebody, we know who, into this office to straighten out this mess !!! How many “enemies” are now in this country ??? Who gets to clean up this mess – real Americans do !!!

  10. All government officials that had anything at all to do with getting our soldiers injured and killed , should be made step down from their government position , and All illigals that are in American at this time should be removed , send them back to their own country or to Mexico until it can be proven beyond a showdown of a dought who they are and what they believe in ,no government office had the right to put American citizen in this position and should be removed .

  11. “Biden Resignation Shocker”.

    We have been seeing titles like this for a few months now and it is always the same thing. He isn’t resigning. Just a bunch of Republican politicians demanding it.

    It terer were some Democrats joining in, that would be news.

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  13. This Bidet fiasco has been a ride in hell on the devil’s street car, losses, mistakes, lies, cover ups and today confirmation of seven buss loads of American hostages left at the gate while empty US Cargo planes left the runway, the Director General would not give permission for them to enter the airport and board…..I think it’s time Biden start looking at the type of rope he will be strung up with….So far this guy has beat out Jiminy Carter about 60 to 1 in least liked….

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