Trump: Iraq Should Pay America back

Amid rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran, Iraq’s outgoing prime minister has asked American forces to leave the region.

But President Donald Trump doesn’t think it’s that simple.

During an interview on Fox News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle, President Trump said Iraq should pay America back for the time spent there if the military is required to abandon the mission.

If we leave, you got to pay us,” Trump told host Laura Ingraham. “If we leave…you have to pay us for the money we put in.”

Ingraham asked Trump how he would get them to pay. The president replied:

Well, we have a lot of their money right now. We have a lot of their money. We have $35 billion of their money right now sitting in an account. And I think they’ll agree to pay. I think they’ll agree to pay. Otherwise, we’ll stay there.

Trump had hinted at a similar threat against Iraq earlier in the week.

It’s too soon to see how far Iraq is willing to push on their claim to get America out, but so far, it looks like Trump isn’t going without a fight.

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