We Already Know the Impeachment Vote Result

After weeks of speculation, Nancy Pelosi has confirmed that there will be a vote to determine the next steps in the impeachment process against Donald Trump. That vote is expected to take place on Thursday.

But the results are already in: They’re going to move forward, period.

The Democrats are going to proceed in whatever way that drags out the process in the most destructive, damaging, petty, and nasty manner possible.

It doesn’t matter if there was or wasn’t any scandal (there wasn’t).

It doesn’t matter if there was or wasn’t a legitimate whistleblower (there wasn’t).

It doesn’t matter if any evidence shows that Biden really was corrupt (he was).

It doesn’t matter if any evidence shows Trump is being smeared (he is).

The Democrat Party has become the party of hating Trump. This is why even when the leader of ISIS was killed, they still couldn’t control themselves from the non-stop Trump attacks. It’s an obsession.

This obsession by the Democrats could create an opportunity for Trump. Their blindness and obsession will likely lead to a continuation of a stream of mistakes, allowing him to take 2020 just like he took 2016.

We’ll see how this plays out. Expect things to get worse before they get better.

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