Nancy Pelosi is Sabotaging Impeachment for Political Reasons

Nancy Pelosi is intentionally sabotaging impeachment. Her goal? To maximize the chance that Democrats defeat Trump and Pence in 2020.

The entire impeachment sham is a trap. It’s not about the Constitution or anything like that – it’s about raw political power for the Democrats.

Does this mean Pelosi is lying when she’s pretending to actually support impeachment for its own sake and not just as a political tool?


Of course, Pelosi is still pretending it’s about impeachment – that’s part of the Democrat charade. But it’s really about the election, and that’s it.

Jonathan Turley, a constitutional expert in the Clinton impeachment hearings, explained to The Hill:

“For three years, Pelosi has been widely credited with slowing down the impeachment efforts despite many of her fellow Democrats campaigning on an impeachment pledge in 2018. Pelosi has struggled to maintain the appearance of wanting to impeach the president while preventing any meaningful steps toward actual impeachment.

She wants Trump mortally wounded but still alive in 2020. Moreover, she understood the Russia investigation was not producing clear criminal or impeachable conduct.”

There’s a reason that most Democrats don’t really want Donald Trump impeached and removed from office: they’d be left with President Mike Pence.

Instead, they want Trump damaged from an impeachment proceeding, so the Democrats have a better shot of running against him in a “lesser of two evils” strategy.

The only way to get rid of Trump and Pence is to win in 2020 – and that’s all this is about. It’s a trap.

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