Rep. Barr: Trump’s Second Impeachment Is ‘Political Venegance’

The much-ballyhooed second impeachment of President Donald Trump has been worn like a badge of honor by the leftist regime within America.

But make no mistake, the impeachment had nothing to do with America, crimes, healing, unity, or justice.

It was all about plain, old fashioned revenge.

Rep. Andy Barr said as much during a TV appearance Friday. While the Kentucky Republican does not see Trump as “blameless” in the riot at the Capitol, Barr said the rushed impeachment looks “more like an act of political vengeance” than Democrats “trying to uphold the standards of the presidency.”

And Barr is exactly right. “The president’s conduct, while unfortunate, did not rise to the level of the legal definition of incitement,” he said, according to Breitbart. “But beyond the legal analysis, I think the real point here is that with only seven days left in this president’s term, what does impeachment actually accomplish?”

For leftists, it accomplished bringing shame on an opponent. When all you have is identity politics, villains score more points than policy.

And the Democrats are short on policy, long on vengeance.

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