Nadler: Impeachment Is Last Hope For Fair Election

Rep. Jerry Nadler must be drinking his own Kool-Aid.

History has taught us if someone lies long enough, they will begin to believe it’s the truth. Now, Nadler is proving the axiom to be accurate.

On Sunday, Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s “Meet The Press,” asked Nadler a loaded question: “Let me ask this, if [Trump] is acquitted, do you think we’ll have a fair election in 2020?”

Nadler’s response is revealing:

“I don’t know. The president, based on his past performs performance will do everything he can to make it not a fair election, and that is part of what gives us urgency to proceed with this impeachment.”

You read that right. Nadler believes that it would be impossible to have a fair election unless Trump is impeached.

Notice how the left has moved the goalpost. The argument is no longer “we should beat Trump in 2020.” They are now arguing the fight won’t even be fair in 2020 unless they impeach him now. They are setting up the 2020 election to be Trump’s great assault on democracy.

Remember when political elections used to be a referendum on the best solutions to society’s greatest problems? Those days have passed.

Now, we have left-wing radicals like Nadler who have given up on the idea that President Trump can even be a decent and fair participant in the election.

If Americans are losing faith in democracy, Trump isn’t the reason. It’s the leftist politicians and media who have no ideas for a better society — just conspiracies to impeach the sitting president. 

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