Report Shows Democrat Impeachment Effort Is “Orchestrated”

Republicans just issued their report of their findings on whether President Donald Trump should be impeached. Let’s just say the Democrats are not happy about it.

The GOP report was blunt and brutal.

It totally dismantled the house of cards the left-wing has been trying so hard to build. The report calls the impeachment effort an “orchestrated campaign.”

But the GOP report went even further and declared the purpose of impeachment effort was to unravel the very fabric of America’s democratic system by removing President Trump, solely on the basis of “accusations and assumptions of unelected bureaucrats.”

The GOP investigated possible “misconduct” in their search for an impeachable offense.

Guess what they found? Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

In a recent story, Breitbart labeled the Democrat impeachment effort “a fishing expedition seeking to see what sticks.”

And according to the GOP, there isn’t anything sticking:

Despite the abusive and fundamentally unfair process in the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, the evidence does not prove the Democrats’ allegations that President Trump abused his authority to pressure Ukraine to investigate his potential political rival, Vice President Joe Biden, for President Trump’s benefit in the 2020 presidential election.

The left won’t stop. But their desperation will be their downfall as American patriots see the truth about their intentions.

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