Impeachment Backfires? Trump Approval Soars

The impeachment inquiry has backfired. Despite never-ending attempts by Democrats to do anything and everything to undermine Donald Trump, the president’s approval rating just went higher. Oops.

In fact, Donald Trump’s approval has soared roughly 7% in the last month.

Adam Schiff is humiliated. Or, at least, he should be. He lied in front of the world repeatedly for the last couple of years – and it’s not working. In fact, the entire impact of the impeachment attempt is backfiring.

According to Breitbart:

“President Donald Trump’s support has jumped back to 50 percent approval, according to a poll released Thursday by Rasmussen Reports.

Trump’s approval ratings rebounded in November after it sunk to a recent low of 43 percent on October 25, as he fought back against Democrats demanding his impeachment.”

This is the problem with politicians. They’re too obvious.

The average person knows that Adam Schiff isn’t truly sitting around thinking about honest ways to help the country. He’s obsessed with political pandering, political games, political lies, and just politics in general.

This is, ironically, why Trump has done so well in the past. People are sick of politics as usual. So using politics as usual to attack him doesn’t work – the entire strategy will just continue to backfire.

-Question of the Day-

How do you feel about the job Trump has done so far?

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