Ilhan Omar Makes It Official – She Wants To Disband Police

Moderate liberals and center-aware Democrats are playing rhetorical gymnastics with the phrase “defund the police” to avoid a backlash among the non-radicals in their constituency.

But not Ilhan Omar. The Democrat congresswoman from Minnesota has gone full anarchist in her support of canceling law enforcement.

Her most recent statements make this absolutely clear. “The need to disband and dismantle — get rid of — the Minneapolis Police Department comes out of a place of understanding that they don’t have credibility within our community,” Omar told Teen Vogue magazine in a recent interview, according to Breitbart.

She then doubled down, giving her shocking reason for why the police “shouldn’t exist:”

They are not doing the core function of solving half of the homicides in our city. So if you are not functioning in the ways in which you are supposed to function, protecting and serving, and your function has become to brutalize and cause harm to our community, then you shouldn’t exist.

Despite her claims, it seems Omar and her fellow Dems are still happy to receive the benefit of police security when needed, as Breitbart notes. Talk about hypocrisy.

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