BREAKING: Trump Gets HUGE News From Ohio – GOP Cheering

Ohio is a key battleground state in this year’s presidential election — and President Donald Trump just got massive news from the front lines.

“I think the president wins Ohio,” the state’s Republican governor, Mike DeWine, said Sunday, according to Breitbart. “I think it’s going to be a close vote. I think he wins by two points.”

The election is tomorrow, and Trump is in the fight of his life, according to most political pundits. Trump is looking to pull off another surprise in 2020 like he did in 2016.

Gov. DeWine, for his part, acknowledged Sunday that it will be closer in Ohio than in 2016, but he still said Trump would pull off a win over Democrat Joe Biden:

[W]e are in the midst of a pandemic, and this is a tough, tough time. And so, you know, it’s going to be closer. It’s not going to be a blowout like it was in Ohio.

But the president still is going to do exceedingly well in what historically has been a Democrat area, the Ohio Valley, Eastern Ohio. All the reports from over there are that he is going to do exceedingly well there. All the other rural counties he is going to do exceedingly well. The ground game, the best I could see it on both sides, I think the president’s ground game has been a lot better than the Biden ground game, frankly.

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