New House Report On Trump Discusses “Treason”

Imagine using the word “treason” when discussing the sitting President of the United States knowing there isn’t evidence to support such a serious charge.

Well, you don’t have to imagine it. The left-wing members of the House just issued a report on President Trump that repeatedly and freely uses the word “treason.”

The House Judiciary Committee report desperately reworks the definition of treason to include “betrayal,” and declares:

Although the Framers did not intend impeachment for good faith disagreements on matters of diplomacy, they were explicit that betrayal of the Nation through schemes with foreign powers justified that remedy.

But the shocking fact remains: “No direct evidence exists to support that claim,” Breitbart reports.

Despite a complete lack of supporting evidence, the congressional left wing recklessly hurls baseless charges against Trump accusing him of the ultimate crime.

Although the left consistently argues that Trump is bad for America and bad for democracy, they should be the ones taking a long look in the mirror.

Who is undermining the most important position in our country with no evidence? Who is working harder than our foreign enemies to overthrow Trump’s leadership? Who is attempting to distract the American people from substantive issues facing our nation with the kangaroo court of the impeachment?

You know the answer: The American left wing.

And you know it’s true, because unlike “treason,” there is ample evidence of it everywhere.

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