Sen. Hawley Rips Democrats Impeachment Case: It’s Falling Apart

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) did not pull any punches when he analyzed the Democrats’ case for impeachment of President Donald Trump.

They just don’t have the case,” the former lawyer and attorney general of Missouri said in an appearance on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, according to Breitbart. “I think we’re really watching here with the questioning tonight the Democrats’ case just fall apart.”

Hawley made it clear he was referencing Adam Schiff’s misdirection and incompetence. “Adam Schiff just said on the floor this case is all about bribery. It’s about extortion,” Hawley said. “But the House didn’t charge bribery or extortion. They didn’t allege any of that in their articles of impeachment.”

But Hawley didn’t stop there.

“It leaves you wondering why are we here? They don’t even know. I think the Democrats are sensing that, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we picked up some votes,” Hawley said, predicting that the impeachment proceedings are trending strongly in the favor of acquittal.

So why are the Democrats bothering with a trial they can’t win? Hawley was not unclear: “What it really has been is a partisan attempt to overturn an election. They don’t like the president. They’ve never liked the president. They wanted to impeach him from day one.”

The vote hasn’t happened yet, but it’s clear the Democrats have their mind made up. And their decision to pursue impeachment may end up being their downfall in 2020.

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