Josh Hawley Demands Answers From Facebook Over Censorship

The more layers we pull back off of Facebook and Twitter, the more questions we have about what the social media giants are hiding.

And Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) is making sure America knows the truth.

Breitbart News reported Wednesday:

Hawley revealed during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that Facebook uses a tool, called Tasks, that is allegedly used to collaborate with Google and Twitter to censor users across platforms.

Hawley also revealed the existence of a tool called Centra that tracks users across the Internet even when they believe they are anonymous.

Hawley asked 10 follow-up questions to Mark Zuckerberg following the Facebook CEO’s own testimony at the hearing.

Among them: “How many accounts in the United States has Facebook surveilled or shut down using the Centra tool?”

When a Facebook employee accesses a Facebook user’s private messages, that access is allegedly tracked and audited. How many such audits were conducted by Facebook during fiscal year 2019?”

“How many entries in Facebook’s Tasks tool pertain to content moderation and reference contacts or information from the Southern Poverty Law Center?”

Take a look:

To read more about Hawley’s attack on Facebook and Twitter, click here.

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