Rob Reiner Goes Full Crazy, Claims Trump Guilty of Murder

The last cool thing Rob Reiner ever did was make the movie The Princess Bride. Apparently, life has been hard for the Hollywood elite as he has nothing left of his mental faculties other than tweeting out ludicrous nonsense in an effort to attract some “woke” Twitter followers.

“Of the 10s of thousands of lies this Sociopath has told, saying the Coronavirus has turned a corner is unmitigated evil,” tweeted Reiner. “It is premeditated murder.”

Ok, buddy. That’s neither premeditated nor murder, but you keep trying to make sense of things over there.

The left continues to embrace this kind of super angry, hyperbolic, propaganda spewers all in an attempt to prove how logical and superior they are.

But America is watching. The joke is on them. More and more the left is looking like the punchline.

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