Despite Antitrust Lawsuits, Google And Facebook Are Buying More Competitors

Only companies as powerful as the tech giants of Silicon Valley would continue to acquire more competitors even as the federal government pursues antitrust suits against them.

Breitbart reports:

Despite an antitrust lawsuit filed against Google by the DOJ and reports of addiitonal incoming government antitrust lawsuits, tech giants such as Facebook and Google are continuing to finalize deals to purchase smaller rivals. On Monday, Facebook announced that it has purchased a customer service chatbot startup called Kustomer for $1 billion, the same amount the company paid for the photo-sharing app Instagram in 2012.

“The Justice Department and 11 states filed a major antitrust case against Google in October in which they accused the company of using anti-competitive practices to improve its position in the online search market,” reported Breitbart News. “The FTC is also reportedly set to bring an antitrust case against Facebook.”

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