Giuliani: I Have “Smoking Gun” Evidence That Will Vindicate Trump

President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has declared victory for Trump.

On a recent segment of Fox NewsWatters World, the former mayor of New York City said he had “smoking gun” evidence proving Hunter Biden’s involvement in Ukrainian business dealings.

Giuliani’s statements are based on his assertion that three witnesses are prepared to “name names” in an investigation into Biden’s work with Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company.

“I want to prove what happened,” Giuliani told host Jesse Watters, “because I believe if we prove what happened, [Trump] will be totally vindicated.”

Giuliani is clearly frustrated with the lack of urgency in the investigation.

“Look, the government has been so lax in investigating, it’s pathetic,” he told Watters, according to Fox. “I mean…when I was a U.S. attorney…the day Joe Biden made that boastful announcement…the investigation would have begun the next day for bribery.”

The media focused obsessively on Trump’s impeachment trial, but did very little to report on Biden’s role in foreign business conspiracies.

Although Trump was acquitted by the Senate in a two-week-long impeachment trial, solid evidence that Hunter Biden was involved in shady Ukrainian business dealings might serve to attract moderate voters in November.

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