Gingrich Exposes Bloomberg’s China Corruption

He may be spending more money than God, but Bloomberg can’t pay enough to shut Newt Gingrich up. And he probably wishes he could after Gingrich put him on full blast during a recent appearance on Fox News.

Gingrich made the point, “You are about to have Bloomberg as the new face of the Democrat party…By super Tuesday you going to see how big a threat Bloomberg is.”

But then Gingrich went on to discuss the dark side of Bloomberg’s connections with China.

“What percent of his fortune came from cutting deals with the dictatorship in China?” Gingrich asked.

“When the Chinese dictatorship put pressure on Bloomberg News, they caved totally and he basically said, ‘We’re not going to print anything which makes the Chinese government unhappy,'” Gingrich noted.

But he wasn’t done. Gingrich then dropped a bombshell.

“You have to ask yourself,” said Gingrich, “what share of the money he is going to spend to try to buy the presidency actually came from China because of his willingness to be cozy with the dictatorship?”

Even the left-leaning Washington Post admitted a Bloomberg Presidency would result in “unprecedented entanglements” with the Chinese government.

Bloomberg may be surging, but questions like these will dog him even more as time continues.

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