Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized Again – This Time for Two Days

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized from Friday until Sunday. She was being treated for a possible infection.

This hospital stay was the latest of several for Justice Ginsburg in the last few months. She has suffered from several major health problems in recent years.

The Associated Press reports:

“Ginsburg has had four occurrences of cancer, including two in the past year. She had lung cancer surgery in December and received radiation treatment for a tumor on her pancreas in August.

She had a rare absence from a public session of the court in mid-November because of what the court said was a stomach bug. She was back on the bench the next time the justices met.”

To say that everyone is watching her intensely right now is an understatement.

Aside from the general desire for her to live a long and healthy life, there are massive political implications if she ends up being unable or unwilling to continue serving on the Supreme Court – especially when Donald Trump is residing in the White House.

If Ruth Ginsburg is unable to continue her role, this could give Donald Trump another Supreme Court appointment, potentially creating the most conservative Supreme Court bench in recent history.

The impact of this Supreme Court vacancy would be felt for at least the next century – and probably longer.

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