Ted Cruz Announces How To Overcome Georgia Voter Fraud

Conservative Senator Ted Cruz just explained how to respond to voter fraud in Georgia.

“The best answer is to win by a big enough margin that nobody can steal it, and so this is a turnout election at this point,” said Cruz.

Cruz noted that the Democrats have a massive turnout operation going in Georgia so it will be vital for voters to show up and let their voice be heard.

Cruz did not believe that many GOP voters would “boycott” the election:

I recognize there have been some people talking about it. To be honest, most of the people talking about folks staying home because they were unhappy about the presidential race, most of them politically are rooting for the Democrats to win. I haven’t heard one actual conservative in Georgia or anywhere else who’s suggested it would be a good thing to hand the United States Senate over to Chuck Schumer and the radical left.

To read more about Cruz’s comments, click here.

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