Gavin Newsom Caught, Evidence Proves He Isn’t What He Says…

The Democratic governor of California was just busted in a humiliating fashion.

According to Fox News, Newsom told CNN that “he was ‘living through Zoom school’ — even though his own kids returned to class months ago.”

Well, that’s embarrassing. I guess it’s possible Newsom doesn’t have any idea where his kids are doing the day, but that seems like an even bigger problem.

“It’s hard for him to relate to parents like myself and the 500-plus members of our group who have kids in public school,” one parent said in response to Newsom’s comments, according to Fox. “He’s had his kids in private school.”

Another parent opined of Newsom: “It’s a real lack of understanding and a lack of leadership on his part.

The Democrat governor is in the middle of a serious recall effort, and political missteps and public dishonesty will not help his case at all.

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