Fox News Reporter Forced To Leave City After Threats

Veteran war reporter Lara Logan is no stranger to conflict.

She has been battle-tested and proven to be of exemplary courage. But recent events in Mexico have taken Logan to the brink.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, while investigating sex trafficking in Tenancingo, Mexico, Logan was cornered by cops and warned to “get out because the last strangers asking questions in the area were lynched.”

She was inquiring into the sickest kind of crime and the deepest kind of corruption when her convoy was “surrounded by Mexican cops and warned to get out the town where they were investigating.”

Tenancingo is merely 80 miles outside of Mexico City, yet Fox News found that it was “a society built on sex trafficking — and the police appeared determined to protect the enterprise.”

While speaking on Fox Nation, Logan commented that the local police are “guardians of the traffickers and their secrets, moving in to force us out — a veiled threat.”

Logan may have been stopped by corrupt cops, but it could have been much worse. She was forced to leave, but hopefully, the sick perpetrators will soon be exposed and justice will be served.

In the meantime, we need to keep her and the victims of these terrible crimes in our prayers.

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