BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms Worst Fears – Fans Are…

Fox News host of “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Mark Levin, shared some bold thoughts about the Democratic Party in Sunday’s episode. Levin was on fire as he spouted off issue after issue with the current administration.

According to Levin, Attorney General Merrick Garland’s and other “gestures” from the Biden administration, including a “commission” on the Supreme Court, were “efforts to ‘trash’ the high court’s independence,” Breitbart News reported.

“You know, we have a provision in our Constitution, Article II, Section 3: ‘The President shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.’ Shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed — is that what Joe Biden is doing?” asked Levin.

“There have been court decisions on this that make the point that I just made,” said Levin. “It’s not an issue of a policy disagreement. A statute is a statute.”

Levin went on to talk at length about immigration law, saying “this isn’t just a debate between the right and the left, or a debate between those of us who believe in the sovereignty of our borders, and so forth. This is a constitutional reality.”

Levin didn’t stop there. He addressed the Attorney General’s “phony lawsuit” in Georgia, suggesting that Georgia is discriminating against minorities. He went on to talk about the AG’s suit against Texas because “they don’t like the abortion law that they passed.”

“The Attorney General is threatening parents and taxpayers who dare to challenge school boards and teachers unions and so forth,” continued Levin. “In other words, we have a lawless Department of Justice that is focused on a political and policy agenda that also won’t enforce existing law.”

Levin continued by saying “we have children in our schools being force-fed — that is indoctrinated in critical race theory. What is critical race theory? To be honest, it’s racism. It is segregation. That’s what it is.”

“What exactly has this administration done to support the American people? To support our founding principles? And to make life better for you? Nothing,” Levin concluded.

To read the full transcript of the show, click here.

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7 Responses

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  3. I make an extra $5 – 7 gazillion dollar a day posting stupid comments like this on comment sections of websites that don’t bother to screen comments similar to this from them. I find that to be such an insult to real people who are genuinely concerned about the original topic of the original post by said “information” outlets.
    There should be a bill introduced in Congress, outlining the abuse of these websites’ comment sections lack of monitoring, especially if there is a subscription whether paid or not.

  4. I keep searching for Objective Truth Seekers in our Country. It appears
    We’re down to 2, ” Just The News John S & Mark Levin ” How far We’ve
    fallen in only 60 years!!!

  5. Blah, blah, blah. All truth, fact and talk. There is no DOJ and the alleged Republican Party is in a coma.

  6. This administration want to destroy the Constitution, ignoring it is what they want for this country, no constitution period no laws or statutes from it. While destroying the Constitution they are stripping rights away with any illogical reason they want use. What we need are those who are in this Government and in all Justice systems and every American use the Constitution to stop them in their tracks and jail those who have betrayed this country NOW!

  7. Parents, take your children out of public schools. That will hit them where it hurts…on their pocketbook. You don’t have to fight with school boards, just send your kids to private schools.

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