Former Prosecutor Trey Gowdy Wants Much More Than Removing Adam Schiff

As more and more evidence comes to the surface in the way of declassified FBI documents, the one thing that is becoming clearer is the dark depths of purposeful deception perpetrated by Rep. Adam Schiff.

The California Democrat’s day of reckoning is here.

Acknowledging that the best solution to deal with Schiff is through a vote, former federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy was blunt.

“He’s got immunity,” Gowdy told Fox News on Friday, according to the Washington Examiner. “The only accountability shouldn’t come from court. Let the voters throw him out. They can do better in California.”

Gowdy is aiming for Schiff, but he’s not stopping there. He’s coming for the media too — and he’s ready to name names.

“The media, not only did they not provide scrutiny over Adam Schiff, they aided and abetted him,” Gowdy remarked, according to the Examiner. “Politico, The Hill, Washington Post, New York Times, I’ll come on and even give you the reporters’ names sometimes. The reporters who sat there and helped Adam Schiff perpetrate this fraud, next time I’m with you I’ll give you the names of the reporters.”

Gowdy went on to say that his own investigation proves the media was aiding in Schiff’s deception:

I asked every one of them. Even if it’s hearsay, even if it’s something you heard that you didn’t believe. Even if it’s inadmissible in court, tell me everything you’ve ever heard about Trump, his campaign, or even the groupies and the hangers-on in his campaign, and there was nothing, so my expectations of Adam Schiff are very low. He still doesn’t meet them, but they’re very low. My expectation of the D.C. media was a little higher, and they aided and abetted him for the entire year we conducted this investigation.

Go get ’em, Gowdy.

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