BREAKING: Florida Get HUGE Victory – Democrats Furious

The state of Florida just scored a massive win against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, you likely won’t hear about it on CNN or MSNBC.

Per the report, Florida made the CDC “correct the state’s coronavirus data after the Florida Department of Health complained.”

Oh, I thought the CDC was never wrong?

“The CDC updated the data Tuesday to reflect an accurate Sunday total of coronavirus cases in the state, as the CDC incorrectly combined ‘MULTIPLE days into one,’ giving Florida the worst ever total,” reported Breitbart.

To read more about CDC screwing up the numbers, click here.

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  3. CDC is one of the government’s arms – AND THEY’RE WRONG !!! It’s no wonder why the US is in a losing battle since they can’t even keep their numbers straight !!! It used to be that federal employees knew of what they were talking about – NOW THEY JUST SPEW ANY OLD THING AND EXPECT YOU TO BELIEVE THEM !!! Can’t the federal government even say one thing that is correct ??? No wonder this country is falling down !!!

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