Flashback: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was Confirmed In Less Than 44 Days…In a Presidential Election Year

Democrats are losing their collective minds over President Donald Trump and Republicans’ plan to push a Supreme Court justice nomination through during an election year.

But Democrats’ memory is short — and more than a wee bit embarrassing. In fact, it was their own great SCOTUS hero, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was nominated and confirmed in under 44 days, according to Fox News. And her confirmation happened in a presidential election year.

Don’t tell the Democrats that, though. They are threatening to “burn the entire f****** thing down” if a Trump nomination goes through.

“We know that in our system of government, the president of the United States is afforded the opportunity to nominate a Supreme Court justice if it happens to be vacated — and we know that 29 times in the past this has happened during a presidential election year, and even when the late great Justice Ginsburg was nominated, it took her 42 days to be confirmed,” Paris Dennard, a board member for the Black Voices For Trump organization, told Fox in a recent interview.

“President Trump has been very forthright and so open throughout this entire process on the type of judges that he would want to have on the Supreme Court,” Dennard added.

To read more about Trump’s efforts to confirm a new Supreme Court justice, click here.

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